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E-mail: crpcv@crpcv.org. Web site: www.crpcv.org
A non-profit organization (IRS section 501 c-3) – Federal ID No.: 54-1828964

Oakton, Virginia
January 16, 2013

Dear Friends:

It has been drizzling all day. Last night, as I lay comfortably in bed under my blanket, I heard the rain falling softly outside my bedroom window. Sweet memories of childhood returned. Suddenly, images of poor Vietnamese children came to my mind, children whose lips turned blue as they walked long distances to school on cold rainy mornings with no breakfast. The night earth was wet and so were my eyes.

Because of funding from CRPCF, the children were also happy knowing that their teachers, friends and a glass of warm soy milk were waiting for them at school. Your compassion and generosity throughout the years have helped to water the seeds of love and joy, as well as trust, hope and gratitude, in these children and their families in Quang Tri, where the land and its people were deeply torn by the war.

In 2012, CRPCV was able to provide food and schooling for 700 nursery school students and contribute to the salaries of 7 teachers. Below are excerpts from letters sent to us from nursery school teachers. Drawings from the children are also included with this letter.

Tet will fall on February 10 this year. We ask for your help so that we can offer the children new clothes and continue to provide them with food and schooling.

CRPCV is a federally recognized charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. One hundred percent of each donation supports poor children and their families in Vietnam. All administrative time and costs are borne by our volunteer staff. Donations can be sent to CRPCV, 10413 Adel Road, Oakton, VA 22124.

On behalf of the poor children, their families and teachers in Vietnam, we send you love and gratitude for your continued support. May you, your family and all beings be safe, peaceful and happy in each day and each hour.

Many blessings,

Anh-Huong Nguyen
for The Committee for the Relief of Poor Children in Vietnam

Letter from Le Thi Nhu Y, a nursery school teacher in Hai Thien village:

The happiness of the children brought a festive atmosphere to our school on its first day. They talked, sang, danced and played so well together. Thanks to your help, these children have gained more weight than those who have not been able to receive support to go to school. We live in an area that is below sea level and is frequently struck by natural disasters. In rainy season, farm lands become flooded. In sunny season, the soil becomes dry and cracked. Without your support, children from families with very low income would never be able to attend schools. I also want to thank you for helping me with my salary. My heart is now more at peace. I can concentrate on teaching and caring for the children in my class.

Letter from Tran Thi Nhung, a kindergarten teacher in Hai Son village:

Although it was very challenging this past year, teachers and students at our school were able to overcome many difficult periods only because of your emotional and material supports. The number of students has increased this year. Due to natural disasters, it has been very difficult to collect sufficient school fees to help pay for teachers’ salaries and other educational expenses. Most children are well-behaved and love school, however, they must stay home because their parents’ earnings are insufficient. We pray that one day soon these children can join their peers at school. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Letter from Nguyen Thi Thuy Van, a nursery school teacher in Hai Thai village:

Your support has made it easier for us to care for these very young children. Most of their parents are farmers. Children’s health and education are immediately affected by their parents’ unstable income, which is the result of the soil’s poor qualities and frequent natural disasters. We sincerely ask for your help in the years to come as we do our best to thrive here. We are sending you the children’s smiles as expression of deep gratitude for your help.

Letter from Le Thi Thanh Huyen, a nursery school teacher in Trieu Van village:

We are living in an area below sea level surrounded with white sand. Harsh climate makes it difficult to thrive here. Many parents felt helpless and sad that they could not afford to pay for their children’s lunches. Your love and help have allowed a number of children to have a hot lunch and an afternoon nap each school day. You have brought warmth to the bodies and hearts of these young souls on cold days, as well as joy and coolness to them on hot summer days..

Letter from Nguyen Thi Le, a nursery school teacher in Hai Khe village:

Our village is mostly white sand. People earn their living through fishing twelve months a year. Recently, however, there aren’t many fish. So, either one or both parents have to work far from home. Their children are not fed and taken care of like those who are able to go to school. My dream is for all of the children to be able to go to school.

The children in my class now look happier and healthier. Their freshness and innocence have nourished and sustained me through difficult times in my life. You have made it possible for the stream of love and nourishment to flow between teachers and students and far beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Trieu Van Kindergarten
Trieu Van Kindergarten

Hai Thien Kindergarten
Hai Thien Kindergarten

Hai Thanh Day Care - Lunch Time
Hai Thanh Day Care - Lunch Time

Hai Thai Kindergarten – Washing face before nap time
Hai Thai Kindergarten – Washing face before nap time/td>

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